Kimberly N Tim - March 2015

Hi all

Brendan is a great bloke to talk to and very knowledgeable. After a few dramas I had with a competitor module I decided to switch to DPU's module. Best decision I made. Straight away I noticed I had way more power then before. My EGT's are at 390°c now when towing 1200kg gooseneck trailer whereas before with competitor module they were up over 500°c. I highly recommend the DPU Module. Thanks again Brendan


Chris Moseley - July 2014

I finally got to drive a DPU remapped 3L today, WOW!! Don't know why I'm still playing with 4.2s. That thing would eat mine

Steven Hagger - August 2014

Hi all

Just wanted to drop a word on the remap on my d40 Navara.. My issue was while I'm loaded and towing the nav would struggle on take off and reversing was a bitch to say the least and my clutch slippage was bad.. Now the torque is throughout the rev range and now towing/reversing is a breeze.. There is no need to slip the cutch, it's a matter of letting the clutch out and letting the engine do it's thing..

There is the added bonus of extra pulling power high in the revs and now it put her in 5th and enjoy the ride..

Cheers cookie for sorting my issue..


Brodie Whelan - December 2015

The power increase is great! Done a module for my 2004 turbo 6 landcruiser! Really cluey an is always up for a yarn an can answer all ya questions with an honest opinion not just a sales rep kinda speech. Highly recommend the DPU  modules.


Chris Whalan - January 2016

What a great bunch of people, great product, always happy to talk to and support is 100%. Cheers again guys. It's like a new car to drive. 06HDJ 79 now with 150rwkw. Soeak soon in the new year.


Dean Goode - March 2015

Wow! Don't know what to say! Its a whole different truck, the CRD Patrol left me disappointed to start but Brendan has made this thing come to life!

Holds top gear in cruise control up hills now that it used to always kick back for, just needs a slight push of the throttle to get moving now whether its flat or hills!

Has transformed the car unbelievably, would definitely recommend having this done sooner rather than later! I waited 6 months trying to decide on spending the money, should have done it straight away.

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