TAG Portable Jump-Starter & Multifunction Charger 12000mAh

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Keep the TAG Portable Jump-Starter & Multifunction Charger in your vehicle to get you out of trouble in case of a flat battery or dead mobile phone.Get back on the road quickly with the 12000mAh 12V battery jump-starter or recharge your mobile devices using any one of the various charging options including Wireless Qi Charging, USB (5V/9V Output), 16V DC Output and USB-C Quickcharge Input.

Suitable for smaller passenger vehicles, petrol and diesel engines.


  • 12V Car Jump-Starter Clamps

  • 4-in-1 USB Charge Cable

  • DC Power Cable

  • Slimline Carry Case (fits in chair pockets or glovebox)

  • Charging Cable & Plug

  • Cigarette-Lighter Adapter

  • Torch

  • 12 Month Warranty