MM4X4 lockup-mate®PLUS+ – Toyota

lockup-mate®PLUS+ is a torque converter clutch (TCC) lockup kit designed specifically for the Toyota automatic transmission.  lockup-mate®PLUS+ uses digital communication with the vehicle ECU, making it the most intelligent lockup kit available. 

  • Better drivability, save fuel, protect the transmission from heat, and maximum engine braking 
  • Fully automatic; just turn it on and drive! Locks up in DRIVE and SPORT modes from 2nd gear; and adapts for low range (4L) operation automatically.  
  • Separate lockup algorithms for DRIVE, SPORT and 4L modes, and fully adjustable for your own vehicle configuration or driving preference. 


* Vehicle Application*

  • Landcruiser 200 Series 2007-Onwards VDJ,UZJ,URJ
  • Prado 150 4.0 Petrol 2009-2015 GRJ
  • Hilux/Prado150/Fortuner 2.8L 2015-2020 GUN/GDJ 126/156 (130kw/450nm Engine Only)


$695.00 inc GST


lockup-mate®PLUS+ is the only lockup kit available with SafeLock® Clutch Protection Technology which protects the TCC from excessive wear to give maximum life expectancy and reliability.  Using the information obtained via the digital interface with the vehicle ECUs, it prevents activating the clutch during high slip conditions and only engages when within the same low slip limits the factory ECU uses.  Plus, it uses the same PWM control signal and engagement profile as the factory ECU.  


lockup-mate®PLUS+ fully supports the flex-lockup mode of the transmission for maximum fuel savings.  Using advanced microcomputer control and digital CANBus communications with the vehicle’s computers, it works in harmony with the factory computers for maximum smoothness. ECU code deletes are not necessary to avoid Check Engine Lights, and the ECU doesn’t need to be removed to be reprogrammed. 


lockup-mate®PLUS+ is not only for people who tow. The drivability and feel of the car is enhanced with more direct power and responsiveness.  


Without doubt, lockup-mate®PLUS+ is the most advanced and easy to use lockup kit available for your Toyota.