GTurbo Green Wheel #VD-G320

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Looking for a turbocharger that provides a power boost with improved low-end torque? Look no further than the G320 Green Wheel turbo. 

The G320VD Green with its Billet aluminium 2618 Vortex 2 compressor and G59 Turbine provides low-end grunt, high torque and power with outstanding reliability.

$3,890.00 inc GST


Key design improvements set the GTurbo VDJ70 turbo solutions in a class of their own including; 

–       GTurbos custom designed NextGEN VNT control system allowing perfect boost control with 250% improvement in control hysteresis. 

–       one piece bearing housing with larger bearing and 300% stronger faceplate allowing higher boost and resistance to flexing and vibration 

–       high-performance thrust bearing, 150% stronger 

–       gapless turbine and compressor seals for improved oil control 

–       leading technology aerodynamics in the compressor and turbine design 

–       Stainless steel (316L) VNT control actuator with breather port 

–       Turbine housing upgrade including ~62mm outlet (standard is 49mm), thicker flange at exhaust manifold feed for improved sealing 

–       Design boost is 28psi, and can be operated efficiently via ECU control from 16 – 32psi up to 2700rpm (at <40C turbo intake air temperature, >95kPa turbo intake air pressure)  

–        30psi is typically available from 1600rpm if the tune and setup are complimentary. 

–        Accurate tuning is essential for reliability, efficiency and performance 

–        Free 1 Year Warranty included 

– Turbos are to be supplied on an exchange basis. Additional costs are required for tuning and installation. 

Original  12  7-18  n/a  430  n/a  110 
Silver Wheel  22  12-25  700  850  180  210 
G320  33  12-30  800  1000  210  230 
G350  36  12-33  850  1200  225  270 
G450  40  12-36  900  1300  235  300 

The price includes a $900 REFUNDABLE Core Charge. The core charge will be returned when we receive your exchange turbo back. Please package them and include your invoice and/or order number in the box so we can link them to your purchase. 

  • Customers will have 3 weeks to return the exchange turbo from date of sale or may not be eligible to receive the core deposit refund. 
  • Exchange turbo’s must be returned as removed from the engine, assembled and a complete turbo unit free off studs, oil lines, cooling lines, blanking plates, gaskets and intake pipes. 
  • A return sticker will be included with all exchange turbo’s shipped. We recommend you re-use the packaging from the new product to minimise potential damage.